Advanced EELS and EFTEM Training School 2018 France

Registration fee: 1500€ HT*

*Registration fee includes lecture and laboratory materials, daily coffee break and lunch, and a celebration dinner at a local restaurant.

This advanced EELS and EFTEM training school will be led by Gatan France and hosted by the Jean Lamour Institut (IJL).  This intensive 4-day training program incorporates lectures, computer laboratories and hands-on microscope sessions to provide participants with comprehensive, live training on advanced EELS and EFTEM applications and techniques. The microscope sessions will be held at the Jean Lamour Institut where two high-performance TEM systems will be used: a double-corrected Cold FEG ARM with a GIF Quantum® ER including DualEELS, and a CS-corrected ARM with a GIF Quantum ER. Both systems have high-speed STEM spectrum image acquisition using the STEMPack™ system.

This comprehensive program focuses on the advanced practice of EELS-based imaging and analysis in the (S)TEM microscope. Practical experience with electron microscopy and EELS is highly recommended. The primary objective is to train the participants to optimize the utility and performance of their EELS systems and to improve their acquisition and analysis skills for the best results.

Topics include:

  • Advanced EFTEM techniques including mapping and spectrum imaging (SI)
  • Energy-filtered STEM diffraction imaging techniques
  • Advanced EELS acquisition techniques including DualEELS and STEM SI
  • EELS quantification using EELS traditional and model-based approaches (new GMS 3)
  • Advanced EELS processing techniques including, MLLS and NLLS fitting
  • Aberration correction
  • Monochromated EELS
  • High-speed compositional and chemical state mapping
  • High-energy resolution chemical mapping and identification of different chemical phases
  • Source monochromator setup and high-energy resolution EELS STEM analysis
  • Atomic resolved level analysis using EELS
  • Optimization of TEM and spectrometer for atomic scale EELS analysis
  • How to best optimize the spectrometer and increase its sensitivity
  • How to set up the microscope to acquire the best EELS results

For the computer laboratories, we recommend that participants bring their own laptops; the latest version of DigitalMicrograph® (GMS 3) will be installed onto the laptops.

Please register early! The school is limited to 20 participants. If you have any questions, please contact Vincent Richard.


Tuesday, September 25, 2018 to Friday, September 28, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Jean Lamour Institut
Campus Artem, 2 allée André Guinier
54011 Nancy