3View System

Automate sectioning and image capture of your 3D ultrastructure using serial block-face scanning electron microscopy.

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The 3View® system allows high throughput, high resolution imaging of a wide variety of samples in 3D. 32k x 24k image support and high performance stages allow fully automated high speed imaging of many different types of samples. 

  • Serial block face imaging minimizes errors and distortions found when using focus ion beam imaging or traditional serial section imaging
  • Large format image support (32k x 24k) allows very large images to be collected and minimizes the amount of time wasted waiting for stage motion when imaging very large regions
  • <50 nm X, Y stage repeatability allows multi-region imaging without losing data due to imprecise stage motion
  • 15 nm Z section thickness without the need to unblur multi-kV images
  • High performance back-scatter detector allows high speed imaging at low kV without giving up image quality


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