MiniCL System

Cathodoluminescence imaging compatible with all scanning electron microscopes or microprobes.

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Simple to use cathodoluminescence imaging system for use in scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and electron probe microanalyzers (EPMA). The MiniCL™ system is sensitive to luminescence from most geological specimens, and the detector is positioned close to the specimen boosting detection efficiency.  

  • Sensitive to ultraviolet, visible and near infrared wavelengths enabling panchromatic cathodoluminescence imaging of a wide range of minerals, ceramics, and LED materials
  • Cathodoluminescence images at a spatial resolution higher than bench-top flood gun systems
  • Use at all SEM magnifications to reveal macro- and micro-texture in sedimentary rocks including:  sediment source, degree of compaction, diagenetic history, differentiation of authigenic and detrital minerals, cementation history, and provenance
  • Convenient use with other SEM detectors including:  secondary and backscattered electron detectors and energy or wavelength dispersive X-ray detectors


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