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Serial Block Face SEM (SBF-SEM)

with Gatan 3View

BROCHURE: For a PDF of the 3View Brochure, click here.


  • High precision diamond knife supports reproducible cutting as thin as 15 nm
  • Supports large field-of-view imaging (up to 32k x 24k images)
  • Maximize throughput on high current SEMs with high speed BSE detector and electronics
  • Increase speed with the high sensitivity BSE detector optimized for imaging below 2 kV
  • Choose the best visualization tool for you with support for a broad range of data formats
  • Get the most out of your data with multi-ROI imaging modes


Cerebellum Movie

WEBINAR: Quantitative 3-D measurement in Neuroscience by 3View


 Model Organisms

Anterior Region of C. Elegans Movie

 Tissue Biology

Pancreatic Islet Movie
Melanocyte Movie

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