3D Reconstruction Module

Aligns and reconstructs your three-dimensional tilt series.

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The 3D Reconstruction software provides tools to precisely align the 2D projections collected by the 3D tomography software and generates a 3D volume from the aligned projections. 

  • Manual and automatic tilt series alignment with sub-pixel accuracy
  • Assisted determination of tilt axis location
  • Multiple reconstruction algorithms including weighted back projection (WBP) and the simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique (SIRT)
  • Memory conserving version of the WBP and SIRT Algorithms
  • Support for sub-volume reconstruction
  • Live updates of volume during reconstruction




Physics and Chemistry of Minerals

Mussi, A.; Cordier, P.; Demouchy, S.; Vanmansart, C.




3D Tomography software


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>200 GB Free hard drive space

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