GIF Tridiem 863 Upgrade to Gatan Microscopy Suite 2

AutoFilter palette streamlines all steps from filter alignment through data acquisition.

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  • Acquire very large data sets in EFTEM tomography, spectrum imaging, and diffraction imaging using Windows 7 64-bit operating system giving you more freedom to explore and enhance your research capabilities
  • AutoFilter® module
    • Filter status and control
    • Tuning and alignment
    • Data acquisition
  • Auto-exposure and -binning for one-click AutoMap acquisition, including applications
    • SingleMap
    • EFTEM SI
  • AutoPEELS for automated collection-angle determination, predictive auto-exposure, autocorrelation of cumulative spectra, and spliced RangeEELS*
  • Element- and sample-centric approach to unify data acquisition and analysis between EELS and EFTEM using advanced AutoFilter suite
    • EFTEM multi-mapping
    • Advanced EFTEM SI
    • EELS Range
*Denotes features that are part of the advanced suite


Tribology International

Bejjani, R.; Collin, M.; Thersleff, T.; Odelros, S.

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