microPREP System

Enables fast, clean, and efficient preparation of samples for microstructure characterization and failure analysis.

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Introducing the microPREP™, a fast, clean, and efficient laser ablation system for optical, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and focused ion beam (FIB) specimen preparation. It uses an ultra short laser pulse with micron level positional accuracy to rapidly produce samples with low structural damage. The microPREP system is ideal for sectioning advanced packages for subsequent isolation of through-silicon vias (TSV) and metal stack failures over a large length. Equally, the microPREP is the optimum tool for high volume applications that require large lamella TEM preparation. When used in combination with a FIB system, it not only shortens the FIB milling time, but significantly increases the overall throughput for large volume removal.
microPREP system is best suited for:
  • Fast sample preparation of metals and semiconductors, ceramics and compound materials
  • Lamella preparation that requires positional accuracy of ±3 μm
  • Increasing the workflow throughput of FIB and broad ion beam tools
  • TEM, x-ray SEM (X-SEM), x-ray microscopy (XRM), advanced packaging tool (APT), and micromechanical testing
  • Shorter time to sample
  • Analysis adopted sample geometry
  • Minimizes risk of sample loss
  • Recipe-driven GUI for sample geometries and materials
  • Reduces FIB capacity requirements
  • Enhances efficiency of existing (TEM) analysis tools
  • High throughput and large area TEM lamella
  • Fast slicing of centimeter size SEM cross sections
  • Specific 3D shapes for x-ray microscopy


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