Advanced DigitalMicrograph Software Training

DigitalMontage software

With DigitalMontage® software, acquire a grid of images covering the structure of interest at a resolution that is potentially several times higher than can be achieved by lowering the magnification. The software automatically acquires images via microscope control and performs precise image alignment to generate seamless, large-scale digital images. Training on the use of this optional software plug-in to DigitalMicrograph® software is available by a Gatan applications specialist.


An example of a 4 x 4 montage with the images laid out as acquired on the left and stitched together on the right. The original images were 2k x 2k. The montage is about 7k x 7k.

Tomography software

Optional TEM tomography software can be installed in the Gatan Microscopy Suite® software, allowing you to acquire a tilt-series in normal TEM imaging mode of the microscope and store results in a three-dimensional image. View the tilt-series directly using existing tools in DigitalMicrograph software and an additional tool, included in this package, for playing and exporting this series as a movie. The TEM tomography software works with any Gatan digital camera and on most TEMs with computer controlled sample stages, illumination and imaging systems. Acquired tilt series can be exported to non-Gatan image formats for use in standard reconstruction packages. Training on the use of TEM tomography software is available by a Gatan applications specialist.

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