Applications Training for Gatan Imaging Cameras


The imaging application training covers the fundamentals of CCD cameras, operating principles and how they relate to your application needs. Both life science and material applications training are available for our camera products. The training allows individualized attention from a Gatan applications specialist on your microscope and catered to your applications. Each training is composed of lectures and practical camera use on the electron microscope, followed by optimization techniques for your application(s). Software user interface, TEM parameter changes, CCD optic design and sample preparation changes are investigated to illustrate how they work together to give you the data results you need. Furthermore, participants will learn to recognize camera/software misalignments, TEM alignments and how to perform correct alignment procedures to keep your system operating at its best. We recommend scheduling this advanced training a few weeks after your camera installation and initial basic training by our service engineer. This will give you time to get acquainted with your system and to generate questions that are specific to your camera usage. The training duration is offered in 1-, 2- and 3-day sessions. Following is a table showing the topics covered during basic training during product installation and advanced training.

Training topics covered Basic Advanced
General precautions
Components of camera system
Camera system functionality
Start-up and shut-down of the computer and camera
Image view
Image acquisition
Camera control software
Software and hardware parameters for improving image quality
Optimizing image quality/sample preparation factors  
Tool and menu bar display  
Saving and customizing floating windows  
Output window (results, notes, debug)  
Editing global information window  
Gain and dark correction acquisition
Editing and deleting reference images  
Magnification calibration
Installing and using scripts  
Using filters and math  
Regions of interest  
Image analysis (histograms, line plots)  
Using histogram and display control pallets to optimize image display  
Customizing report options  
Manipulating and editing annotations  
Batch conversions/file formats
Printing and saving images

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