European EELS & EFTEM School Graz 2020

Problem Solving with TEM

This premiere EELS training program will utilize the state of the art facilities at FELMI-ZFE including a monochromated probe-corrected Titan (S)TEM with a DualEELS GIF Quantum® EELS system. The EELS spectrometer features a unique direct-electron detection K2® camera for low-noise, dose efficient applications in imaging and spectroscopy. Our qualified staff will familiarize you with the latest EELS & EFTEM equipment and will teach you fundamental principles and methods which are crucial to take top-quality EELS spectra, STEM-EELS spectrum images, and energy-filtered images or elemental maps. While not a focus of the workshop, optimization of the source monochromator for high-resolution EELS and the Cs probe corrector for STEM-EELS is included in the program. You will learn to apply practical techniques, how to use hardware and software systems as well as advanced EELS and EFTEM applications in a very efficient manner. The techniques are applicable to fields ranging from biological to materials research. Prior experience with transmission electron microscopy is beneficial, in the conventional and in the scanning (STEM) mode; a basic familiarity with EELS and EFTEM is an advantage.

Gatan is a sponsor of this training school and our EELS experts will be members of the faculty. For more information on the program, facilities, and registration, please contact Dr. Gerald Kothleitner, Graz University.

Registration                EELS

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 to Friday, February 7, 2020
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
FELMI-ZFE, Graz University of Technology
Steyrergasse 17
8010 Graz