Virtual EBSD 2021

The annual EBSD meeting draws together the whole Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) community, including leading international research scientists and engineers, early career researchers, and students to highlight the latest developments, from technique development to applications. The EBSD meeting will take place in a virtual format. The meeting and workshops will be presented live, and they will not be available as recordings after the event.

Gatan continues to be a major sponsor of all major RMS conferences. We invite you to attend our Techno Bite presentation at 15:52 – 15:57 CET, Wednesday 21 April:

Broad Argon Beam – PECS II Preparation for Improved EBSD Analysis (Paul Spellward, Ph.D., Gatan and EDAX)

Gatan and EDAX have been incorporated into one sales, application, and support company within the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division. There are single sales teams within the regions of Europe. A benefit of this integration for customers is the two companies' ability to develop and demonstrate improvements in preparation and EBSD results. As a technique, EBSD requires sample preparation. Without adequate sample preparation, EBSD patterns can be blurry, non-existent, or inaccurately represent the material of interest's actual crystal lattice quality. Traditionally, many EBSD samples have been prepared using a mechanical polishing approach. This approach can sometimes be as much of an art as a science and can have a significant learning curve to obtain quality EBSD results, particularly for multiphase samples, where the different materials can polish at different rates. Broad argon beam preparation provides a solution to this by offering an easy alternative for sample preparation that delivers superior results on these materials. An example is shown below for an Al/Sn alloy with mechanical preparation (Figure 1) and Broad Argon Polishing in PECS II (Figure 2). There is an increased fidelity in the EBSD patterns, the softer Sn phase is more visible and indexed, and grain orientation dependent distortion of the Aluminum phase is removed. This is just one of many examples that will be shown demonstrating the advantages of broad argon beam preparation for EBSD.

Please also visit the Gatan booth to chat with our live team of R&D and Sales representatives on issues you may be facing with your TEM and SEM applications. They will demonstrate our industry-leading instruments and software that will solve many of these issues. If you prefer, please contact Dr. Paul Spellward to schedule a video chat or offline demonstration to discuss your application needs. We look forward to meeting you at this special virtual event.

Gatan EBSD

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 to Wednesday, April 21, 2021
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Virtual Conference
United Kingdom