EELS Mapping Breakthrough: Extended Area and Energy Range Obtained with GIF Quantum

January 28, 2014


In a recent study, Gatan Analytical TEM investigators demonstrated the ability to acquire atomic resolution EELS elemental maps with exceptional information densities.  These atomic-level EELS elemental maps were acquired using the 200 kV analytical TEM system installed at IBM Almaden in San Jose, CA.  The system is based on a probe corrected, cFEG STEM equipped with a Gatan GIF Quantum®ER running high-speed STEMPack™ spectrum imaging software. The map covers a specimen area greater than (50 x 50) nm2 and includes over 106 (1050 x 1050) energy-loss spectra.  Each spectrum covers a 2 keV energy window (250 to 2250 eV) allowing every element in the specimen to be analyzed.  The high collection efficiency of EELS results in quality spectra allowing full quantification to be performed at each pixel.  This massive information content allows mesoscale phenomena to be investigated at atomic resolution promising new insights in analytical studies.  For detailed information on this study, please contact Gatan's Analytical TEM department at

Colorized EELS elemental map of Ti L2,3-edges at 456 eV in green, Mn L2,3-edges at 640 eV in blue, La M4,5-edges at 832 eV in purple and Sr L2,3-edges at 1940 eV in red. This work was performed in collaboration with Dr. Phil Rice and Dr. Teya Topuria of IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA who provided expert assistance as well as the TEM specimen and access to their microscope facilities.

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