Elevate your EELS experience with EELS.info

March 08, 2016

Gatan is excited to announce EELS.info to help elevate your EELS experience.

As you know, there is always more to see. That's why at Gatan, we are delighted to share the newly created www.eels.info site to bring you closer to your samples. The site highlights: 

  • EELS techniques that provide compositional and chemical information from the sub-nanometer areas within your sample
  • Detailed instructions on how to perform and optimize EELS, EFTEM, and SI experiments for the novice and experienced practitioner
  • An interactive EELS Atlas of downloadable spectral data and the ability to share your spectra with the EELS community

We look forward to continually expanding our online content to help you make one of the most powerful microscopy techniques work even harder for you.

Press Contact

Jennifer McKie