In-Situ Video Software

Synchronize your images with data from in-situ devices.

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The in-situ video software offers a systematic and accurate way to correlate recorded images acquired on a Gatan camera or DigiScan™ device with the in-situ stage or holder responsible for the observed specimen changes. 

  • Allows live updates of the in-situ device setting and displays it with each image frame acquired
  • Records the image and in-situ data in industry standard high definition (HD) video formats (uncompressed *.avi, *.mpeg4 or *.wmv)
  • Supports Gatan TEM holders and SEM stages controlled by SmartSet™ and ITC (model 503) controllers
  • Compatible with 3rd party in-situ devices through an open architecture
  • Fully compatible with DigitalMicrograph® scripting to further customize in-situ experiments

The in-situ and HD video software are part of the Gatan Microscopy Suite® software.




In-situ Video Software

3rd Party in-situ components

The In-situ video software has been designed to enable 3rd parties to develop components that plug in to the system. These components enable the annotation of images with parameters from attached hardware in the same way as the components supplied by Gatan. In order to test if a component supplied by a 3rd party is compatible with the Gatan software you should download and run the small test application.

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