Cryoplunge 3 System

Semi-automated plunge freezing instrument.

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Cryoplunge® 3 system with GentleBlot™ technology is used for the preparation of frozen hydrated specimens for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM).

  • GentleBlot technology optimizes blotting force and pressure to provide gentle 1- and 2-sided blotting to minimize breakage of fragile specimen supports
  • Humidified plunging chamber safeguards the specimen from drying during the blotting process
  • Temperature controlled pot maintains the condensed ethane at its melting point
  • Specially designed quick disconnect mechanism on plunge rod allows fast and easy attachment of the plunge tweezers to facilitate specimen handling
  • Removable liquid nitrogen workstation provides a contamination free environment to protect the frozen hydrated specimen


Nature Communications

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