In-situ EBSD phase transformation and recrystallization

The development of fast acquisition EBSD systems, coupled with heating stages which can fit inside the SEM, has advanced the interest in in-situ experimentation. Phenomena such as phase transformations and recrystallization may now be observed directly with high spatial resolution.

These processes can then be linked to the underlying microstructure, yielding a detailed insight into how materials behave in different environments.

In this presentation the requirements and configuration for in-situ EBSD experiments will be discussed.

The results from in-situ EBSD heating experiments will be presented. This will include a study of the transformation of austenite to ferrite in plain carbon steel and the recrystallization in a bronze alloy strip cast on a steel substrate.

The microstructural changes observed during these experiments will be shown using EBSD maps, grains size and illustrating the crystallographic texture that evolves during a) a heating cycle from ferrite to austenite and cooling to ferrite and b) the recrystallization microstructure for bronze and steel during isochronal heating.