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We believe it is important to support the professional development of researchers working with our technologies. That's why at Gatan we offer a variety of training courses aimed at improving your skills to get the best out of your Gatan instrumentation.

  • Fully understand the technology behind our products
  • Apply new skills in your unique operating environment—quickly and non-disruptively
  • Explore implementation alternatives that work in real-world research settings
  • Improve efficiency in obtaining quality data effectively

Our advanced application training programs go beyond the traditional basic training that covers general product introduction, how to obtain images or spectra, proper setup conditions, and an introduction to DigitalMicrograph® control software. With advanced applications training, learn how to optimize your application-specific operating parameters, how to fine-tune the electron microscope to enhance product performance, plus in-depth DigitalMicrograph software training to analyze data, write scripts, batch convert data files, create report templates and more. For biological applications, our specialists can share how to make changes in specimen preparation to optimize your digital data. 

Gatan offers a variety of training opportunities for all levels of experience. Sample courses include:

Advanced applications for analytical imaging filter systems (GIF)
Advanced DigitalMicrograph software training

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