GIF Continuum 以及 Continuum S


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Continuum™ 系列产品是Gatan的全新一代电子能量损失谱(EELS)和能量过滤透射电子显微术(EFTEM)系统。Continuum系列产品在不牺牲系统强大功能与灵活性的同时,简化了能量损失系统的操作流程,将生产率与数据通量提升到新的高度。基于专有的全新的探测器系统而设计制造,Continuum为EELS和EFTEM应用提供了出色的探测速度与数据质量。

>10x 更高生产率

  • >8000 谱每秒下 >95% 占空比
  • >10x 更快系统调校
  • 简洁的、基于工作流程的用户界面


  • 低噪声、高动态范围 CMOS 探测器
  • 得益于全新 XCR™ 传感器堆叠技术,更好的 MTF 与 DQE 表现
  • 各种采集模式下的全增益校正
  • 特有的动态聚焦控制
  • 可选配 K3™ 电子计数直接探测器,获取更高质量的EELS与EFTEM数据


  • 能量过滤 4D STEM*
  • 原位 EELS 与 EFTEM*
  • 动量分辨 EELS*



型号 1065, 1066, 1066LV, 1069, 1069HR, 1077


GIF Continuum and Continuum S systems


High-speed composition and chemical analysis of Si/STO/PZT with GIF Continuum
In-situ EELS spectrum imaging at elevated temperature
Observing the effects of oxygen activity on NCA battery electrodes via in-situ EELS
Atomic level EELS mapping using high energy edges in DualEELS™ mode
High speed EELS composition analysis, in DualEELS mode, of metal alloy ohmic contacts for the fabrication of III-V MOSFET devices
EELS: A tool for investigating biological materials
Fast simultaneous acquisition of low- and core-loss regions in the EELS spectrum from catalyst particles containing the heavy metals Au and Pd using the GIF Quantum® system
Fast STEM spectrum imaging using simultaneous EELS and EDS in Gatan Microscopy Suite® software
Review of recent advances in spectrum imaging and its extension to reciprocal space
The use of MLLS fitting approach to resolve overlapping edges in the EELS spectrum at the atomic level


Fast STEM EELS spectrum imaging analysis of Pd-Au based catalysts
The high efficiency of the latest generation EELS spectrometers allow highly detailed EELS spectra from heavy elements to be acquired in a matter of milliseconds resulting in composition maps with outstanding information content.

A quantitative investigation of biological materials using EELS
EELS has proved to be a valuable tool to obtain compositional information from biological samples. In addition to the composition, EELS also gives insight into the chemistry unveiling the nature of the chemical bonds and different oxidation states.

High-speed composition analysis of high-z metal alloys in DualEELS mode
Demonstrating that high-speed atomic EELS composition maps with high contrast and high signal-to-noise ratio can be acquired routinely from high-energy edges.

Fast atomic level EELS mapping analysis using high-energy edges in DualEELS mode
Demonstrating that atomic EELS mapping using high-energy edges is very effective. The high signal-to-background ratio of high-energy edges leads to simplified data extraction.

Atomic resolved EELS analysis across interfaces in III-V MOSFET high-k dielectric gate stacks
Demonstrating that EELS SI can reveal the elemental distribution at the gate of high-k MOSFET devices at atomic column level.


Advanced STEM detectors    
STEMPack™ with advanced BF/DF detector
STEMPack high-speed EDS acquisition upgrade

STEMx system