Gatan's products, which are fully compatible with all brands of electron microscopes, cover the entire process from specimen preparation and manipulation to imaging and analysis. Our customer base spans the complete spectrum of end users of analytical instrumentation typically found in industrial, governmental and academic laboratories. The applications addressed by these scientists and researchers include metallurgy, ceramics, semiconductors, microelectronics, biological science, healthcare, food and pharmaceutical industries, nanomaterials research, and biotechnology. Gatan, Inc. is a member of the Medical and Scientific Imaging segment of Roper Industries, Inc. Roper Industries, Inc. is a diversified growth company and a constituent of the S&P 500, Fortune 1000, and the Russell 1000 indices. Roper provides engineered products and solutions for global niche markets, including water, energy, transportation, medical, education, and SaaS-based information networks.

Specimen Preparation

Gatan is the leading supplier of Specimen Preparation Tools for the materials science market, offering a full line of instruments that are the premier choice for the complete EM specimen prep lab. High milling/etching rates coupled with rapid specimen exchange yield high throughput to meet the demands of today's overworked lab. Consistent performance delivers quality specimens in less time and with less effort. For life scientists, cryo-preparation is an important technique. Gatan's user-friendly plunge freezer produces vitrified specimens for cryo-TEM reliably and repeatably.

Specimen Holders

Gatan is the leading supplier of specimen holders for transmission electron microscopy.  Precision and craftsmanship combine to provide specimen holders to assist in the characterization of your TEM specimens.  We provide a range of analytical holders, cooling and cryo transfer holders, environmental cell and vacuum transfer holders, heating, straining and multiple specimen transfer holders and tomography holders.


Gatan was the first company to offer commercially viable cooled CCD cameras for electron microscopy.  Our full line of CCD cameras is designed and optimized for a wide range of TEM applications, from routine image capture and viewing to high resolution imaging of structural details under extremely low electron dose conditions.  Gatan's cameras offer the ultimate performance in image quality with the latest fiber-optical coupling technology. The patented retraction mechanism ensures complete compatibility with the widest range of TEM equipment, including the Gatan GIF or ENFINA spectrometer systems. The result: a TEM with both high-resolution digital imaging and analytical capabilities.  No matter what your needs are, Gatan has the right digital imaging solution for your applications. 

Analytical TEM

Gatan has been developing and refining electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) systems for almost a quarter century. Gatan's EELS and EFTEM hardware and software products have consistently defined the commercial state of the art in this field. Signals captured and analyzed with Gatan systems for analytical TEM yield a wealth of information about material samples probed by a transmitted electron beam, including sample thickness, elemental and chemical composition, electronic structure and energy levels, frequency-dependent dielectric response, and even element-specific radial distribution of atoms.  Energy filters are available as accessories for all brands of TEMs and accelerating voltages from 80 KeV to 1.3 MeV. In addition to its EELS and EFTEM product lines, Gatan also offers a variety of products to enhance and support scanning-mode TEM (STEM) analysis, including digital beam scan and imaging systems, STEM detectors optimized for the STEM EELS technique, EDS data acquisition and analysis software, and spectral imaging and analysis software.

SEM Instruments

Gatan offers the widest range of systems to enhance the SEM. The secret of our success is the combination of technological skills — vacuum, precision movements, optics, electronics, cryogenics and interfacing to SEMs — together with our expertise in EM techniques, especially cathodoluminescence (CL) and cryo-SEM. Gatan's world-leading CL imaging, spectroscopy and spectrum imaging systems benefit optoelectronics, advanced materials, geological and mineralogical research, while our versatile cryo-SEM products provide the benchmark for studies of sensitive materials from the life sciences to industrial products.


Gatan, Inc. produces the industry's hallmark software systems. At the center of Gatan's software offering is the Gatan Microscopy Suite™ (GMS), an advanced data acquisition, processing and analysis environment with plug-ins for every application including: EELS and EFTEM compositional mapping, TEM auto-tuning, diffraction pattern analysis, and 3D tomography-acquisition. The core engine of this environment is DigitalMicrograph™ (DM). DM contains a powerful scripting language to allow users to develop custom script to extend the functionality of DM software.  Gatan's DigitalMicrograph software has become the industry standard and the preferred choice for acquiring, analyzing and processing image data by scientists, researchers and electron microscopy professionals.


Gatan recently expanded its portfolio of microscopy instruments to include SEM based 3View™.

3View™- 3D Microscopy in the SEM

The 3View is a revolution in 3D microscopy, providing perfectly aligned image stacks.
A specially designed ultra-microtome operates in situ within a variable pressure, field emission SEM, allowing automated acquisition of 3D ultrastructure by sequentially imaging the freshly cut, resin embedded block face. A finely focused electron probe and its small interaction volume with the embedded materials offer a spatial resolution an order of magnitude better than that of confocal microscopy, and approaching the nanometer scale.  As there is no depth probing, this 3D resolution is maintained throughout the entire depth of the section. The highly stable ultra-microtome and stage allow sequential imaging with excellent registration and avoid the need for post processing image re-alignment.  Ultrastructural features can be followed through 1000s of image slices, and subsequent 3D reconstruction can be straightforward and trusted.

For complete information on Gatan's products, capabilities, and services, please click here for a PDF copy of the Gatan Corporate Brochure.