TEM In-Situ Software
In-Situ Explorer In-Situ Explorer

Full in-situ control and data handling within Gatan Microscopy Suite software.

TEM Holder Systems
Heating In-Situ Holders Heating In-Situ Holders

Single and double tilt heating holders for direct observation of micro structural phase changes, nucleation, growth, and dissolution processes.

Cooling In-Situ Holders Cooling In-Situ Holders

Optimized for low temperature observation of in-situ phase transitions.

Cryo-Transfer Holders Cryo-Transfer Holders

Ideal for low-temperature transfer of frozen-hydrated specimens.

Electrical In-Situ Holders Electrical In-Situ Holders

Measure electrical properties of samples with options for simultaneous temperature control and straining.

Gas In-Situ Holders Gas In-Situ Holders

Characterized for gas-solid interactions up to atomic scale resolution.

Straining In-Situ Holders Straining In-Situ Holders

Quantify microstructural changes in materials due to applied mechanical loading.

Liquid In-Situ Holders Liquid In-Situ Holders

Discover biological and chemical phenomenon with samples in a fully hydrated environment.

Analytical Holders Analytical Holders

Optimized for EDS analysis at ambient temperature.

Tomography Holders Tomography Holders

High tilt and dual orientation holders for tomography applications.

Multiple Specimen Holders Multiple Specimen Holders

Accommodate multiple specimens for increased productivity.

Turbo Pumping Station Turbo Pumping Station

Vacuum storage of holders and specimens, regeneration of cryo-specimen holders.

TAC100 and TAC200 Series Anti-Contaminators TAC100 and TAC200 Series Anti-Contaminators

Minimize contamination in the vicinity of the specimen within the TEM.

Vacuum Transfer Holders Vacuum Transfer Holders

Preserve sample integrity with controlled transfer from an inert environment to the TEM.

EELS & EFTEM Systems
GIF Quantum Energy Filters GIF Quantum Energy Filters

High throughput spectrometers to capture highly detailed data from your EELS and EFTEM experiments.

Enfinium Spectrometer Enfinium Spectrometers

Dedicated, hard-working spectrometers for your EELS experiments.

GIF Quantum LS Imaging Filter GIF Quantum LS Imaging Filter

Maximize your resolution and contrast for cryo-EM by combining low distortion GIF Quantum optics with a K2 Summit detector that offers a “frame rate 10x higher than other[s]” and produces “a DQE as high as 80%.”

Digital Imaging Cameras
K3 Camera

The new imaging performance benchmark for direct detection cameras.

K2 IS Camera K2 IS Camera

Highest performance in-situ camera to resolve dynamic details in heating, catalysis, mechanical deformation, STEM diffraction, electrical testing, and chemical reaction experiments.

K2 Direct Detection Cameras K2 Direct Detection Cameras

Cryo-EM is being led by the K2 camera that offers a "frame rate 10x higher than other detector brands” and produces “a DQE as high as 80%.”

OneView Camera OneView Camera

Winner of the 2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award. The ONE camera to capture 16 MP images and video in all your TEM applications.

Rio camera Rio Camera

Gatan’s latest CMOS camera that with its resolution, speed, and ease of use will revolutionize electron microscopy.

STEM Imaging Systems
STEMx System STEMx System

A powerful tool that adds 4D STEM diffraction capabilities to your existing Gatan in-situ camera.

High-angle annular dark field (HAADF), annular dark field (ADF) plus bright and dark field (BF/DF) detectors Advanced STEM Detectors

High-angle annular dark field (HAADF), annular dark field (ADF) plus bright and dark field (BF/DF) detectors for STEM imaging optimized for electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS).

STEMPack Spectrum Imaging STEMPack Spectrum Imaging

A powerful method of obtaining detailed analytic data from a sample on an electron microscope equipped with scanning mode.  

STEM Cathodoluminescence
Vulcan Cathodoluminescence Detector Vulcan Cathodoluminescence Detector

Gain insight into your sample’s optical and electronic properties.

Digital Imaging Software
In-Situ Video Software In-Situ Video Software

Synchronize your images with data from in-situ devices.

TEM AutoTune Software TEM AutoTune Software

Automates adjustment of focus, astigmatism, and misalignment.

DigitalMontage Software DigitalMontage Software

Stage and optics control so you can seamlessly stitch images together.

HREM AutoTune HREM AutoTune Software

Facilitate your HREM assays by automatically adjusting the critical imaging parameters of a TEM microscope focus, stigmation, and beam tilt. 


Diffraction analysis package (DIFPACK) to automate the selection area of your electron diffraction (SAED) patterns and high resolution lattice images of crystalline samples.

HoloWorks Software HoloWorks Software

Enables Fourier optics simulation and simplifies off-axis hologram processing.

Latitude S Software Latitude S Software

Sets a new standard for the efficient, high-throughput collection of low-dose, single-particle, cryo-EM datasets from Gatan’s cameras.

EELS Advisor EELS Advisor

Simulation tool to eliminate the guesswork from your EELS and EFTEM compositional mapping experiments.

Advanced AutoFilter Suite Advanced AutoFilter Suite

Automates your multi-element EELS and EFTEM data acquisition experiments.

GIF Tridiem 863 Upgrade to Gatan Microscopy Suite 2 GIF Tridiem 863 Upgrade to Gatan Microscopy Suite 2

AutoFilter palette streamlines all steps from filter alignment through data acquisition.

Tomography Software
3D Tomography Acquisition Software 3D Tomography Acquisition Software

Supports your tomographic tilt series acquisition experiments using TEM, STEM, or EFTEM modes.

TEM Specimen Preparation
PIPS II System PIPS II System

Precision ion polishing system for precise centering, control, and reproducibility of your milling process.

Dimple Grinder II Dimple Grinder II

Fast and reliable mechanical method of pre-thinning to near electron transparency to greatly reduce your ion milling times and uneven thinning.

Disc Punch System Disc Punch System

Preferred method for cutting transmission electron microscope (TEM) discs from metals, alloys, and all ductile materials.

Disc Grinder System Disc Grinder System

Pre-thin and polish your samples to reduce ion milling times and improve quality.

Ultrasonic Cutter Ultrasonic Cutter

Cut your brittle materials beyond the 3 mm transmission electron microscope (TEM) disc to accurately cut holes or unique shapes.

Cryoplunge 3 System Cryoplunge 3 System

Semi-automated plunge freezing instrument.

Solarus Advanced Plasma Cleaning System Solarus Advanced Plasma Cleaning System

Advanced plasma cleaning system for removal of hydrocarbon contamination on TEM and SEM samples.

Cross Section Kit Cross Section Kit

Ideal for preparing cross sectional transmission electron microscopy (XTEM) samples of semiconductor devices, thin films of various substrates, and composites.

TEM Analysis
Gatan Microscopy Suite Software Gatan Microscopy Suite Software

Drive your digital cameras and surrounding components to support key applications including tomography, in-situ, spectrum and diffraction imaging, plus more.

3D Reconstruction Module 3D Reconstruction Module

Aligns and reconstructs your three-dimensional tilt series.

GPU Reconstruction Software GPU Reconstruction Software

Reconstruct three-dimensional tilt series 100-times faster than conventional methods.