Recent Publications

Nature Scientific Reports

Hart, J. L.; Lang, A. C.; Leff, A. C.; Longo, P.; Trevor, C.; Twesten, R. D.; Taheri, M. L.

Nature Materials

Zhu, Y.; Ciston, J.; Zheng, B.; Miao, X.; Czarnik, C.; Pan, Y.; Sougrat, R.; Lai, Z.; Hsiung, C. -E.; Yao, K.; Pinnau, I.; Pan, M.; Han, Y.


Merk, A.; Bartesaghi, A.; Banerjee, S.; Falconieri, V.; Rao, P.; Davis, M. I.; Pragani, R.; Boxer, M. B.; Earl, L. A.; Milne, J. L. S.; Subramaniam, S.

Research Spotlight

Picture credited to Melissa Phillip (Houston Chronicle).
The Ringe Group was established in 2014 in the department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering (MSNE) at Rice University, Houston, TX, USA. Emilie Ringe and her group focus on understanding and controlling light-matter interactions in small metallic nanoparticles for applications in biological sensing, enhanced spectroscopy, and light-driven heterogeneous catalysis.