Use only ONE camera to capture high quality 16 megapixel still images AND video in all of your TEM applications.

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OneView™ camera
 - Use only ONE camera to capture high quality 16 megapixel still images AND video in all of your TEM applications

Liao, H.G. et al. Facet development during platinum nanocube growth. Science 345:916-919, 22 August 2014.

Precision etching and coating system (PECS) II
- Broad beam argon milling tabletop system for polishing and coating samples.

Wang, Z.S. et al. Influences of die structure on constrained groove pressing of commercially pure Ni sheets. J. Mater. Process. Technol., 29 August 2014.

K2® IS camera
 - Highest performance in-situ camera to resolve dynamic details in heating, catalysis, mechanical deformation, STEM diffraction, electrical testing, and chemical reaction experiments.

He, Y. et al. Microstructural refinement of Al–Si alloy upon ultrasonic nanocrystalline surface modification treatment. J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 14:8729-8734, November 2014.

GIF Quantum® LS imaging filter
 - Ideal for low dose imaging applications. Maximize your resolution and contrast for cryo-EM and cryo-electron tomography to gain further insight into protein function and disease progression at a structural level.

Shikuma, N.J. et al. Marine tubeworm metamorphosis induced by arrays of bacterial phage tail-like structures. Science 343:529-533, 31 January 2014.

STEMPack™ high-speed EDS acquisition upgrade
 - Fastest solution for combined EELS/EDS on your scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM).

Paridaen, J.T.M.L. et al. Asymmetric inheritance of centrosome-associated primary cilium membrane directs ciliogenesis after cell divisionCell 155(2):333–344, 10 October 2013.

Murano™ heating stage
 - First heating stage for in-situ EBSD specimen characterization.

Longo, P. et al. Simultaneous EELS/EDS composition mapping at atomic resolution using fast STEM spectrum-imaging, Microscopy Today, 21(4):36-40, 2013.

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