Gatan, Inc. is the leading supplier of systems and software to enhance the operation of electron microscopes. For nearly 50 years, we have worked with our customers to define applications needs and to deliver outstanding solutions across TEM, SEM and sample preparation. 

Gatan's tribute to our founder, Dr Peter Swann, 1935-2013.  

Gatan has launched   VULCANTM,  a unique new capability to access cathodoluminescence (CL) in the (S)TEM. CL offers unique insights into the luminescence properties of materials, by capturing and analyzing the low energy photons emitted by many specimens when interacting with a high energy electron beam. 

VULCAN can be used in conjunction with most standard imaging and analytical techniques including EELS and is compatible with most mainstream STEMs (TEM in STEM mode or dedicated STEM). When VULCAN is not in use, the CL hardware is removed from the microscope entirely. VULCAN can be used with all but the narrowest TEM polepiece gaps.

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