Digital Imaging




The ORIUS® SC1000 is the top of the range of the highly successful ORIUS family of CCD cameras, offering the largest format camera in the family, optimized to provide both high image quality and real-time speed.

The model 832, ORIUS SC1000 is a retractable 4.0k x 2.7k pixel (11 Megapixel) CCD camera designed to deliver high resolution and real-time speed for imaging applications in both life and materials science, as well as to provide excellent performance in electron diffraction applications. The HCR™ (High Contrast & Resolution) proprietary fiber coupling improves image contrast and resolution.

When installed in the bottom mount position, the ORIUS SC1000B provides a high magnification view of the sample, making it ideal for use in both materials science imaging applications and life science applications such as work on small particles and viruses. Furthermore, the exceptional anti-blooming performance makes the ORIUS SC1000 an ideal camera for recording electron diffraction patterns.

As a side (35mm port) mount camera, the ORIUS SC1000W (installed on microscopes up to 200kV) enables applications requiring a large field of view, allowing the user to view and record images from a sample area larger than conventional photographic film. This is the preferred configuration for most imaging applications in life science.

The ORIUS SC1000 offers a high speed (up to 14 fps) image viewing mode that allows the user to search areas within the sample quickly and efficiently. This high sensitivity and high speed viewing mode enables microscopists to dispense with the traditional ‘viewing screen’ for TEM setup. Operations such as microscope alignments, stigmation and focus can be performed with high precision using the camera display instead of the TEM viewing screen. The real-time fast Fourier transform (FFT) functions (built-in to DigitalMicrograph® software) make these previously tedious operations painless with fast frame rate refresh.

The high frame rate (14 fps) of the ORIUS SC1000 offers users capability for TEM in situ observations. The ORIUS SC1000 can output high quality (gain normalized) live images, that are corrected for cosmetic defects or shading. Gatan’s DigitalMicrograph software can generate and record continuous high definition video (HDV, optional) of the camera live image. Addition of Gatan’s In Situ Video software enables experiment recording of HD Video, with compatible TEM holders, alongside data such as sample temperature recorded with each video frame.

The retraction capability of the ORIUS SC1000B ensures complete compatibility with a wide range of post-column TEM equipment, such as Gatan Quantum® Imaging Filter or Enfinium™ EELS spectrometer systems. This enables a TEM that has both high-resolution digital imaging and analytical capabilities.

The ORIUS SC1000 is designed for high image quality and speed and with the largest format CCD in the ORIUS family. It offers unparalleled performance across most applications, offering exceptional value for money.


Materials Science

Dark Field Image from the encircled reflections in the SAED revealing nanoscale γ´´ precipitates and eta-Ni3Ti plate-shaped precipitates. The γ´´ has a DO22 structure, whereas the eta has a hexagonal structure. Inset: [011] SAED pattern from IN718 Ni-base superalloy showing reflections from the γ matrix, γ´´ precipitates and eta-Ni3Ti plate-shaped precipitates. Samples/images courtesy of Vijay K. Vasudevan, University of Cincinnati.

Life Science

Image of myelinated nerve recorded with ORIUS® SC1000W (35mm mount) CCD camera. TEM magnification = 85kx at 80kV. Image courtesy of Kenneth L. Tiekotter, University of Portland.


To download Orius® SC1000 DSV movie clip (1.5 meg, wmv format) click here.