Capture real-time structural changes with DENSsolutions in-situ systems, now offered by Gatan

June 16, 2016

Gatan is now distributing the complete range of DENSsolutions in-situ TEM solutions in the USA, Canada, Japan, and India.

We have always been on the forefront of in-situ electron microscopy, offering a portfolio of bulk in-situ holders and stages, as well as in-situ cameras able to record videos up to 1,600 frames per second (fps). With the DENSsolutions partnership, researchers will be offered an integrated workflow, combining in-situ holders with experimental control, data ascquisition, and analysis.

We look forward to a strong partnership with DENSsolutions and supporting the in-situ microscopy community in both measuring and understanding their materials in thermal, biasing, gaseous, and liquid environments.



Press Contact

Jennifer McKie