SEM Products

Alto 2100

The ALTO 2100 is a complementary model to our world renowned ALTO 2500 with its high resolution cryo results on Field Emission SEMs. Both systems are quick and easy to use - from initial rapid freezing to final imaging of the cryo-prepared sample takes just a few minutes.

The ALTO 2100 system uses a high-stability SEM cold stage with a cooling circuit that is independent of the SEM vacuum and therefore compatible with low vacuum and environmental modes of operation. A completely new cryo-preparation chamber, with a large integral nitrogen dewar, gives all-day hold time, cold fracturing and excellent cryo-pumping of water vapour.

Specification of Alto 2100

  • Nitrogen cold stage (-185°C to +50°C) and interface to SEM stage
  • Anticontaminator and lamp assembly
  • Nitrogen 'heat exchange' dewar and gas feedthroughs to SEM chamber
  • Ball valve incorporating microswitches plus mechanical interlock and interface to SEM chamber
  • High vacuum cryo preparation chamber, with integral nitrogen dewar, sample platform
  • Cold knife fracturing device
  • Sputter coating source (supplied with Au target)
  • Airlock gate valve with interface for vacuum transfer device
  • Keypad control unit for vacuum, coating and temperature control, also system logic status
  • Vacuum transfer device
  • '2-pot' freezing station for producing nitrogen slush and loading pre-frozen samples
  • Multi-functional two stage rotary pump, with exhaust filter, flexible pumping lines, foreline trap
  • Power electronics and solenoid valves, mounted in floor standing cabinet
  • Specimen holder including a range of stubs and rivets


  • Binocular viewer, x10 and x20 magnification
  • Additional specimen holders
  • Self pressurising N2 dewar with gas flow regulator
  • for cooling SEM cold stage and gas purging
  • Rotary knife with micrometer control

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