Electrical In-Situ Holders

Measure electrical properties of samples with options for simultaneous temperature control and straining.

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Electrical in-situ holders – offered through partnership with DENSsolutions1

The Lightning in-situ TEM biasing & heating series provides you the power to obtain real-time information about your specimen under a controllable electrical and thermal environment. Investigate the next generation of nano-electronic materials and devices with the Lightning Series.

  • The ultimate in sample stability at high temperatures
  • Precise temperature control of specimen is provided using a MEMS microheater and true 4-point, closed-loop control system
  • Multi-experiment Nano-Chip enables one device to support multiple samples and geometries
  • Easy to use specialized optional FIB stub for simple sample alignment and placement
Model number Max.
temperature1 (°C)
Sample drift
(nm/min at 800 °C)
Bias, & temperature control Specimen positioning Max. electrical feedthroughs
(heating & electrical)

800 (heating + bias)
1300 (heating)

<0.5, heating

MEMS, 4-pt closed loop

α, β tilt



Lightning models

D6+ – FEI
D7+ – FEI
D6+ – JEOL
D9+ – JEOL

Biasing or heating

Biasing and heating

Biasing or heating

Biasing and heating

4-point contacts 6-point contacts 4-point contacts 8-point contacts
α and β tilt α and β tilt α and β tilt α and β tilt


Lighting Nano-Chips

1Limited availability to US, Japan, Canada, and India via distributor partnership with DENSsolutions



Model Lightning (1630)


Lightning series

Application notes

In-situ TEM characterization of electrical properties of semiconductor nanowires

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