Gas In-Situ Holders

Characterized for gas-solid interactions up to atomic scale resolution.

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Gas in-situ holders – offered through partnership with DENSsolutions1

The Climate in-situ TEM gas & heating series offers a high pressure gas environment at elevated temperature inside a sealable reactor – called the Nano-Reactor. Direct characterization of a solid-gas reaction at atomic resolutions can now be controlled and studied in real-time within your TEM. The Climate Series is a cost effective way of expanding and converting your high-end TEM from a static imaging tool into a fundamental real-world solid-gas research laboratory.

  • The ultimate in sample stability at high temperatures
  • Precise temperature control at all gas pressures with any gas mixture using a true 4-point, closed-loop control system
  • Static and dynamic flow modes for wide-range of experiments
  • Gas manifold with dynamic mixing reduces dead volume and provide quick adjustment to reaction gas
Model number Max.
temperature2 (°C)
Sample drift (nm/min at 800 °C) Temperature control Pressure (mbar) Specimen positioning
(heating & gas)



MEMS, 4-pt closed loop

Up to 1000

α tilt


Climate models

Climate S1+ Climate S3+
Modular design with removable tip to eliminate experimental cross-contamination
Static gas environment 0.01 – 0.40 mL/min
Manual gas manifold system Automated, flowing gas manifold system


Climate Nano-Reactor

1Limited availability to US, Japan, Canada, and India via distributor partnership with DENSsolutions



Model Climate (1776)


Climate series

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