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GMS 2.0

Gatan Microscopy Suite® 2.0 is the latest version of the leading application for electron microscopy data acquisition and analysis. This new version of the Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) supports the Windows 7 operating system and comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The support of Windows 7 brings with it a modern look –and-feel and the 64-bit version removes the data size limitations inherent in the 32 bit application. It is now possible to acquire very large data sets in Tomography, Spectrum Imaging and Diffraction Imaging, giving you more freedom to explore and enhancing your research capabilities.

The updated appearance and behavior of GMS 2.0 is completely compatible with Windows 7 but the basic user interface elements, including palettes, menu items and the scripting language are unchanged.

Fourier Transform

The core applications benefit from a new implementation of the Fourier Transform which is faster and more flexible than before.  The new transform makes full use of the multiple cores found on modern computers, running at up to 10x the speed of the GMS 1.x transform. The power-of-two image size restriction has been removed meaning that you can take Fourier Transforms of images of any size.

TEM AutoTune

A completely re-written version of the TEM AutoTune™ product is available in GMS 2.0 and this and the other imaging applications such as DigitalMontage™ and the Tomography packages all use the same microscope calibrations.

A new calibration wizard guides you through the process of acquiring the necessary calibrations prior to any experiment.


The support for the imaging filters and spectrometers has been completely updated in GMS 2.0. This is the same user experience that was previously only available to GIF Quantum users. New functionality, improved automation and increased ease of use make for a much smoother and more efficient user experience. The new AutoFilter user interface handles all of the EELS and EFTEM setup, alignment and acquisition from a single unified palette. Creating fully optimized EFTEM maps is as simple as selecting the field-of-view, focusing the TEM and clicking “Map” in AutoFilter®.  The application can automatically determine the optimal binning and exposure for mapping before acquisition, removing this burden from the user.  To reduce the effect of image drift in long exposures, a new feature of AutoFilter® allows multiple frames at an individual energy can be acquired and then aligned before summing to increase signal-to-noise ratio of the image. EFTEM spectrum imaging (EFTEM-SI) is now accessible from the same palette based interface as the other EFTEM Acquisition modalities.  This revamped version of EFTEM-SI makes setting up and acquiring simple EFTEM data stacks a breeze.  Once acquired, the data stacks can be analyzed with the full power of Gatan’s Spectrum Imaging and EELS Analysis suite of tools.


The features of smart exposure control are extended to EELS acquisition allowing the operator to shift to all regions of the spectrum without over exposing the detector.  During live viewing of the spectrum, the software constantly monitors for over- and under-exposure conditions and adjusts the exposure accordingly.  When changing energy offset, the applications predicts the required reduction in exposure needed for that offset and adjusts the exposure accordingly before changing the energy; the live exposure control takes control at that point to ensure the exposure is optimal. Keeping with Gatan’s philosophy that “the scientist knows best”, automatic features can be overridden with manual inputs, returning full control to the operator.  This new level of automation is ideal for multi-user facilities allowing casual operators to achieve the same level of performance as dedicated technicians while at the same time facilitating totally new levels of performance by seasoned researchers.

Advanced AutoFilter Suite™

 A new product, Advanced AutoFilter Suite™, is now available for Gatan Imaging Filter users. This product includes three tools to unify data acquisition and analysis between EELS and EFTEM and provide new levels of acquisition automation. The MultiMap™ acquisition tool allows an entire series of EFTEM elemental maps, thickness maps and/or filtered images to be acquired, analyzed and stored automatically. The RangeEELS tool allows a broad energy range EELS spectrum to be acquired automatically while optimizing the signal-to-noise of each range. The Advanced EFTEM-SI tool allows fully automated EFTEM-SI acquisition from an element centric approach. Simply enter the elements of interest and acquire. The range, camera settings, and exposure are determined automatically.


Product Requirements/Ordering Information

The Gatan Microscopy Suite™ 2.0 is included with all hardware shipped by Gatan. The 32-bit version of GMS 2.0 is standard, and the 64-bit version can be ordered at an additional charge. In addition, GMS 2.0 is available for purchase to upgrade your existing Gatan hardware.  Not all of the existing Gatan hardware is compatible with GMS 2.0. Please contact your sales representative to get exact compatibility information.