HoloWorks Software

Enables Fourier optics simulation and simplifies off-axis hologram processing.

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HoloWorks software is designed for multi-core processing and uses independent threads where possible. Thus, the workload can be spread over different cores easily. Not only has the GUI (graphical user interface) seen a major lift, but the underlying algorithms and code have changed providing expert and novice users a wide variety of possibilities to customize off-axis holography technology for research purposes. Fifty menu items include live features such as:

  • View live phase, amplitude, and intensity images at several frames per second
  • Correct images live for isoplanatic aberrations
  • Live phase unwrapping
  • Live fringe contrast, hologram quality and biprism drift measurements with lineplot display for optimizing fringe contrast and hologram quality to assure optimum data acquisition
  • Thickness determination (using holography’s characteristics as perfect inelastic particle filter) and embedded, extensive list (>90 elements/compounds) of known mean inner potential values
  • Live data cube acquisition and processing for > 2π/100 phase resolution
  • Accurate diffraction peak evaluation
  • Data- and processing-reproducibility through consistent tracking of processing steps and parameters under image/tags/history and the "results" window
  • Over 70 additional scripting functions supporting Fourier optics and data tracking
The output of any one function of HoloWorks can be used as live input for any other HoloWorks function.
The software has been developed with a strong focus on teaching Fourier optics with hands-on use in the classroom; HoloWorks provides most features found on a modern microscope starting from changing focus, introducing astigmatism or spherical aberration, applying various numerical apertures, or experimenting with dark field imaging.

Version improvements

  • Seamless integration with Gatan Microscopy Suite® tools
  • Live menu items provide status 
    • Image is being updated (or changed)
    • An existing selection in the image was moved
  • Build your own holographic script using embedded functions to eliminate rewriting hundreds or thousands of lines of code
  • Support the Fourier algorithm for non-power-of-two and non-square images, thereby eliminating skewing of non-square image sizes or selections while allowing observation of symmetry features
  • Reconstructs scale independent off-axis holograms and corrects aberrations for a large scale range from meters (m) to picometers (pm)
  • Continuous data acquisition that copies data into a data cube improves data averaging via drift compensation for holograms, plus more
  • Fringe and target movements are compensated at sub-pixel fringe accuracy to compensate for drift at high magnifications
HoloWorks software version 5 is not to be used for the purposes of light-optical semiconductor or reticle defect detection or inspection.


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