Gatan Introduces the Metro In-Situ Counting Camera for Microscopy Imaging Below 200 kV

July 21, 2022

PLEASANTON, CA (July 21, 2022)AMETEK Gatan, Inc., a global leader focused on enhancing and extending the operation and productivity of electron microscopes, today announced the launch of the Metro™ as a cutting-edge counting camera for groundbreaking imaging, diffraction, and in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) below 200 kV.

In today’s “publish or perish” environment, many microscopists believe that a 300 kV TEM is a necessary piece of lab equipment and the only way a lab can acquire results worthy of publishing in high-impact journals. However, these 300 kV microscopes are expensive to purchase and maintain, which limits their accessibility to only major research institutions or large corporations.

“Our first concern, when creating the Metro camera, was for the everyday scientist. We wanted to ensure that a lab without a 300 kV microscope and a very large budget can get stunning results from their current microscopes,” says Cory Czarnik, Imaging and In-Situ Product Manager, Gatan. “By optimizing the Metro camera for 200 kV microscopes, we have extended counting in-situ capabilities to ensure that labs can successfully image the finest details from the most delicate of samples without a significant capital investment.”

Using a proprietary sensor, this novel in-situ counting camera has virtually no background noise, resulting in an increased signal-to-noise ratio at low doses for very sensitive samples. Additionally, the streamlined interface and unparalleled processing tools in DigitalMicrograph® make the camera attractive for multi-user facilities and leading materials researchers.

“With this release of the Metro camera, we are now bringing this unique counting technology to every lab working in material science applications,” commented Narayan Vishwanathan, Vice President and Business Unit Manager of AMETEK Electron Microscopy Technologies. “We now bring an optimal low-dose solution to labs around the world for a wide range of material types and beam-sensitive samples such as 2D materials, battery materials, polymers, environmental TEM, and liquid-cell TEM.”

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About AMETEK Gatan

Gatan is the world’s leading manufacturer of instrumentation and software used to enhance and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes. Gatan’s products, which are fully compatible with all brands of electron microscopes, cover the entire range of the analytical process from specimen preparation and manipulation to imaging and analysis. Its customer base spans the complete spectrum of end-users of analytical instrumentation typically found in industrial, governmental, and academic laboratories.

The applications addressed by these scientists and researchers include new materials research, semiconductors, electronics, geosciences, biological science, and biotechnology. The Gatan brand name is recognized and respected throughout the worldwide scientific community and has been synonymous with high-quality products and the industry's leading technology. Gatan is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2021 sales of more than $5.5 billion.



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