Continuum IS Upgrade

The ultimate tool for in-situ electron microscopy

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In-situ experiments are inherently challenging, but the GIF Continuum® IS is built to make it easier to capture dynamic behavior via multiple techniques, often simultaneously, as well as to rapidly process and visualize the acquired data to produce interpretable results during your TEM session. Instead of making difficult decisions about what to capture before the experiment, with many unknowns, capture everything, then rapidly reduce the data volume via the most appropriate methods after you have a more complete understanding of what is important.

Captures dynamic behavior

  • Reveal time-resolved dynamics: Acquire in-situ data with adjustable framerates up to the maximum supported by our hardware, live drift correction for spectrum imaging, and LookBack for imaging and spectroscope
  • Collect fully synchronized in-situ data, regardless of the holder manufacturer: Extract data from Gatan, DENSsolutions, Protochips holders

Supports diverse techniques, users, and projects*

  • Use many techniques with one system: Continuously acquire spectroscopy (EELS, EDS), TEM imaging, diffraction, energy-filtered TEM imaging/diffraction, STEM imaging, spectrum imaging (EELS, EDS), 4D STEM
  • Capture simultaneous signals: Perform simultaneous STEM imaging, EDS spectrum imaging, and EELS spectrum imaging or 4D STEM easily without scripting

Produces meaningful results, not just data

  • Make informed decisions at the microscope: Watch material dynamics in real-time with advanced visualization, including quantification of EELS data, virtual aperture mapping of 4D STEM, and Python scripted processing of imaging data during acquisition
  • Streamline data processing and visualization: Utilize the same fast playback player for all data types, which automatically synchronizes displayed data, as well as unified spatial drift correction and powerful EELS processing tools
  • Export to various dimensionalities and formats: Save as *.mp4 videos, series of *.tif files, HDF5 format, and more

*EDS and 4D STEM require optional add-ons.