Gatan Microscopy Suite Software

Drive your digital cameras and surrounding components to support key applications including tomography, spectrum and diffraction imaging, plus more.

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The industry standard software used for acquiring, visualizing, analyzing and processing digital data used in conjunction with Gatan cameras, spectrometers, holders and sample preparation equipment.

The Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) consists of DigitalMicrograph® software, the core image visualization, processing and analysis engine, plus a collection of plug-ins that enhances its functionality for many different application needs.

  • Interface to all Gatan hardware and major transmission and scanning electron microscopes (TEM & SEM)
  • Expand functionality with “plug-ins” to include tomography, spectrum imaging and automated TEM alignment
  • Acquire and process very large data sets with Windows 7, 64-bit operating system support
  • Automate any process, including image acquisition and processing using the integrated scripting engine
  • Expand system functionality with custom, application-specific plug-ins using the software development kit (SDK)



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Free DigitalMicrograph software

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Digital imaging software
In-situ video software Synchronizes your images with data from in-situ devices
TEM AutoTune software Automates adjustment of focus, astigmatism, and misalignment
DigitalMontage® software Stage and optics control so you can seamlessly stitch images together
HREM AutoTune software Facilitate your HREM assays by automatically adjusting the critical imaging parameters of a TEM microscope focus, stigmation and beam tilt
DIFPACK module Diffraction analysis package to automate the selection area of your electron diffraction (SAED) patterns and high resolution lattice images of crystalline samples
HoloWorks module Enables Fourier-optics simulation and simplifies off-axis hologram processing
EELS, EFTEM & STEM software
STEM Diffraction imaging module Allows you to acquire diffraction patterns pixel-by-pixel as a 4D data set
Advanced AutoFilter suite Automates your multi-element EELS and EFTEM data acquisition experiments
GIF Tridiem® 863 upgrade to Gatan Microscopy Suite 2 software AutoFilter palette streamlines all steps from filter alignment through data acquisition
Tomography software
3D Tomography acquisition software Supports your tomographic tilt series acquisition experiments using TEM, STEM or EFTEM modes
3D Reconstruction module Aligns and reconstructs your three-dimensional tilt series
GPU Accelerated reconstruction software Reconstruct three-dimensional tilt series 100-times faster than conventional methods
3D Visualization module Explore your 3D data with volume rendering, isosurfaces, ortho slices and more



Gatan Microscopy Suite software


Fast STEM spectrum imaging using simultaneous EELS and EDS in Gatan Microscopy Suite software
Fast STEM EELS spectrum imaging analysis of Pd-Au based catalysts
A quantitative investigation of biological materials using EELS
High-speed composition analysis of high-Z metal alloys in DualEELS mode
Fast atomic level EELS mapping analysis using high-energy edges in DualEELS mode
Atomic resolved EELS analysis across interfaces in III-V MOSFET high-k dielectric gate stacks


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