Capturing low-dose images, in-situ video, and diffraction data with the Metro counting camera

Gatan’s latest counting camera, Metro, produces excellent results at low dose rates and low to moderate accelerating voltages (60 – 200 kV). In this webinar, we show images from zeolites and MOFs, as well as diffraction patterns and 4D STEM datasets from 2D materials. We demonstrate the in-situ capabilities of the camera, which can capture video datasets at up to 41 frames per second at full 2k x 2k resolution. We also demonstrate how, at the low dose rates so essential for imaging many materials without destroying them, 2k x 2k counted images taken with the Metro are preferable to 4k x 4k images acquired with the scintillator-based OneView camera. Finally, we’ll show how the camera interface was designed for ease of use without sacrificing the power and flexibility provided by DigitalMicrograph software.

Ben K. Miller, Ph.D.
Applications Specialist – In-Situ, Gatan