In Situ Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy for Nanoscale Characterization of Materials Webinar

This webinar illustrates the application of core-loss and low-loss EELS for in situ materials characterization. Observations of in situ reductions, vacancy ordering, and gas-solid interactions can all be characterized with in situ STEM EELS. Aloof beam EELS approaches can be useful for probing near surface regions especially for systems susceptible to electron beam damage. For experiments in gases and liquids, EELS can also be used to probe compositional changes in the surrounding gas or liquid phase. This has been exploited to perform so-called operando approaches to catalyst characterization or electrolyte changes in electrochemistry. Recent developments in vibrational EELS are opening new doors for in situ characterization and is an area that is likely to grow as advanced monochromators become more widely available.