Installation Instructions


This web page contains links to download the components necessary to install one “free of charge” configuration of  DigitalMicrograph® (DM), also known as Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS), software version 3.x to an “offline” computer (e.g., no microscope or image acquisition hardware is attached). Please follow the below steps to install DigitalMicrograph. If you have any questions, please refer to the Detailed Instructions.

Step 1 – Install License     Step 2 – Install Software

Step 1 – DigitalMicrograph 3 licenses, license installer, and set up instructions package

DigitalMicrograph 3 software is only available in 64-bit, and the offline version is supported on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. To obtain a license, press the desired button to download the respective *.zip file, then save to a folder on the target computer. Once you obtain the license, select the Download button under the GMS Software Installer section to access the installer on the FTP site.

DigitalMicrograph software (basic)
K2 data manager
Viewing and processing of diffraction imaging data
Viewing and processing of diffraction, EDS, EELS, and CL imaging data
(excludes quantification)
SI Base
In-situ player
Image alignment
Slice player
Volume tools
Requires K2 IS license to manipulate K2 STEMx data
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of EDS, EFTEM, and EELS data         Free for a limited time
Quantitative strain and DPC analysis of 4D STEM data       Free for a limited time  


Step 2 – DigitalMicrograph software installer


If you are in China, try this alternative 链接.

Log4j and Log4Shell vulnerability

Gatan’s DigitalMicrograph application and Gatan Microscopy Suite (GMS) software suite, including all the plug-ins and modules developed by Gatan, do not use the Log4j framework and is therefore not exposed to the Log4Shell vulnerability.

DigitalMicrograph makes only very limited use of third-party software modules and only uses one that actually installs a Java Virtual Machine, which is necessary to run Log4j. This 3rd party module is developed by National Instruments. Gatan uses a National Instruments card to integrate the JEOL EDS detector, and NI’s statement is available here. National Instruments has indicated that the product we use is not affected.