Service Plans

Guarantee that your valuable investment will continue to operate at optimal levels of performance

Protect your equipment with a Gatan service contract. You can prevent failures before they occur and receive priority attention when emergency service becomes necessary. Gatan service contracts provide preventive maintenance, parts and labor coverage, assistance on software maintenance upgrades, and other benefits to ensure that your Gatan product is operating properly. Depending on the type of Gatan product you own, services are provided either at your location or at the Gatan factory.

Gatan offers three service contract plans:

  1. Preventive maintenance plan (PMP)
  2. Extended warranty (EW) that includes parts and labor
  3. Extended warranty that covers parts only

All plans are structured to meet your specific requirements to control operation and maintenance costs, deliver factory-level performance for the life of your product, manage unscheduled repair costs, and guarantee priority response to your unscheduled field and factory service requests.

Order before your warranty expires

Save costs by planning for your service contract to take effect immediately after the original warranty expires.

If your Gatan product is past warranty, schedule a billable service visit or a remote online inspection to ensure it qualifies for a service contract.

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Pick the one that works best for you

Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP.1)

The gold standard of PMPs. An all-inclusive plan that will not only repair but prevent damage to your Gatan instruments with yearly service tech visits to your individual lab. The Gatan preventive maintenance plan provides preventive maintenance, software maintenance updates (bug fixes), telephone support, and service in an effort to ensure that Gatan products are operating within specifications. Depending on the type of product, these services are provided either at your location or at the Gatan factory. On-site service is provided free of charge with unlimited annual service visits (or hours in the factory) for your product.

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Extended Warranty, Parts & Labor Plan (EW.5)

A mid-level EW that will cover your product when your equipment is inoperable or fails to perform to specification. This Gatan extended warranty plan provides parts and labor coverage for your valuable equipment after the initial manufacturer’s warranty expires and provides for discounts on product consumables parts purchases. Depending on the type of product, the services are provided either at your location or at the Gatan factory. Service is provided free of charge up to the allotted number of service visits (or hours in the factory) for your product. If the number of service visits or hours is exceeded, further service will be provided at a discounted hourly rate.

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Extended Warranty, Parts Plan (EW.6)

Basic minimum parts only plan to ensure that your Gatan products and your lab can access telephone support and parts. All parts, except consumables, will be replaced free of charge. Consumable parts are also offered at a discount rate.

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Direct Comparison

  PMP EW.5 EW.6
On-site repair  • 
Labor, travel 1
Preventative maintenance visit (annual)
Service loaners2
Service parts3 • 
Discounted consumables • 
Standard phone and email support • 
1 Labor and travel up to the allotted amount allowed for the Gatan product covered.
2 Loaners are available for some products.
3 Excluding consumables; parts damaged through misuse or physical damage by others are not covered.

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Product-specific plans

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