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Be confident you can reproducibly prepare then measure structural changes in soft materials that induce stresses and strain within transition metals, affect electronic conductivities, and lead to irreversible phase transformations that decrease your product’s energy output. Read more...

Better understand material complexities and failures to shrink geometries, industrialize novel 3D architectures and to improve device performance. Read more...

Research Spotlight


Chinese Physics Letters

Zhao, W.; Fu, Z.; Deng, J.; Li, S.; Han, Y.; Li, M. -R.; Wang, X.; Hong, J.;


Han, L.; Addiego, C.; Prokhorenko, S.; Wang, M.; Fu, H.; Nahas, Y.; Yan, X.; Cai, S.; Wei, T.; Fang, Y.; Liu, H.; Ji, D.; Guo, W.; Gu, Z.; Yang, Y.; Wang, P.; Bellaiche, L.; Chen, Y.; Wu, D.; Nie, Y.; Pan, X.

MRS Bulletin

Kim, S. C.; Huang, W.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, J.; Kim, Y.; Jeong, Y. K.; Oyakhire, S. T.; Yang, Y.; Cui, Y.

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