Material Science

Understand the relationship between structure, properties, and uses of materials is essential to developing your new technological breakthrough.

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Streamline your metal and alloy workflow from preparation to examination of grain size, orientation, or structural components to capture flaws and imperfections early so you can develop solutions to improve production efficiency. Read more...

Clearly and precisely prepare, visualize, and analyze samples to generate sub-nanometer resolution EELS and EDS maps to elucidate composition, microstructure, and atomic structure of materials and defects. Read more...

Be at the forefront of material research with highly-sensitive chemical analysis tools that deliver true chemical state data from a range of elements or characterize mineral properties not observed by conventional optics. Read more...

Research Spotlight

TEM team & collaborators from left to right: Dayne Swearer, Rowan Leary, Emilie Ringe, and Sadegh Yazdi.

The Ringe Group was established in 2014 in the department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering (MSNE) at Rice University, Houston, TX, USA. Emilie Ringe and her group...

Nanomaterials, Mechanics and MEMS Laboratory

The team at the Nanomaterials, Mechanics, and MEMS Laboratory is focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials for structural and...



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Nature Materials

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