TEM In-Situ Software
In-Situ Explorer In-Situ Explorer

Full in-situ control and data handling within Gatan Microscopy Suite software.

TEM Holder Systems
Heating In-Situ Holders Heating In-Situ Holders

Single and double tilt heating holders for direct observation of micro structural phase changes, nucleation, growth, and dissolution processes.

Cooling In-Situ Holders Cooling In-Situ Holders

Optimized for low temperature observation of in-situ phase transitions.

Cryo-Transfer Holders Cryo-Transfer Holders

Ideal for low-temperature transfer of frozen-hydrated specimens.

654 Holder Straining In-Situ Holders

Quantify microstructural changes in materials due to applied mechanical loading.

Analytical Holders Analytical Holders

Optimized for EDS analysis at ambient temperature.

Tomography Holders Tomography Holders

High tilt and dual orientation holders for tomography applications.

Multiple Specimen Holders Multiple Specimen Holders

Accommodate multiple specimens for increased productivity.

Turbo Pumping Station Turbo Pumping Station

Vacuum storage of holders and specimens, regeneration of cryo-specimen holders.

Vacuum Transfer Holders Vacuum Transfer Holders

Preserve sample integrity with controlled transfer from an inert environment to the TEM.