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Identify specific molecules, their structure and distinct molecular interactions to support your research.

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Utilize cryo-EM, cryo-electron tomography preparation, and imaging tools to develop a comprehensive understanding of your molecule's architecture and their impact on chemical reactions that are central to life. Read more...

Couple proteins, organelles, and other cellular structures with their localized function using high-performance cameras, plus 3D reconstruction and visualization tools. Read more...

Analyze individual molecules frozen at specific instants in time to elucidate flexibility, interactions between molecules, and examine in-situ responses of a potential drug and its target during drug discovery and development. Read more...

Leverage the exceptional image quality and three-dimensional appearance of electron microscope images to understand the organization and interaction of neuronal tissues.  Read more...

Examine biological materials (such as microorganisms and cells), large molecules, medical biopsy samples, metals and crystalline structures, and the characteristics of various surfaces. Read more...

Research Spotlight

Diamond Light Source - eBIC for Industry

eBIC for Industry is a recently inaugurated center offering professional cryo-EM services to the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry.



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