TEM AutoTune Software

Automates adjustment of focus, astigmatism, and misalignment.

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TEM AutoTune™ software greatly simplifies the tasks of tuning a transmission electron microscope (TEM). This fully automated software features automatic adjustment of critical microscope parameters for TEM imaging, such as focus, astigmatism, and misalignment. This autotuning software is based on tilt-induced image shift (TIS) method. Values of defocus, astigmatism, and misalignment are determined from measurement of image shift vectors associated with different beam tilts. TEM AutoTune software is written as a standard plug-in to DigitalMicrograph® software and can be used with the Gatan family of CCD cameras.

  • Works for a wide range of magnifications and is robust against the noise of an image
  • Capable of aligning the microscope under low electron-dose conditions
  • Higher speed and better accuracy than a human operator's perception
  • No restriction for the type of specimens used, can be applied to both materials science and life science applications
  • Ideal and invaluable tool for both expert and novice users
  • Fully automated procedures​
    • Calibration—Beam tilt, objective lens focus and stigmators are performed, then data is stored within DigitalMicrograph software
    • Focus—Set defocus to any user-specified value
    • Stigmate—Correct the objective lens astigmatism and also adjust focus
    • Alignment—Adjust beam tilt angle to image-rotation center
    • Tuning—One-click to completely align the microscope (beam alignment, astigmatism, and focus adjustment)
  • Sophisticated algorithm allows image shift to be measured with sub-pixel accuracy


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