Broad Argon Ion Beam Tool for EBSD Preparation Webinar

Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) is a critical technique for materials analysis in an SEM. EBSD provides far more than energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy in that grain size, texture, grain orientation, and in many cases, secondary phases can be identified and their relationship in terms of grain orientation to the primary phase.

An important point to appreciate about EBSD is that the signal comes from less than the top 10 nm of the surface. Therefore, sample preparation has traditionally been difficult. Mechanical preparation, the most common technique, maybe complicated, have difficulties with very dissimilar materials, and usually requires an experienced metallographer to succeed. Broad argon beam tools nearly eliminate these complexities.

Here, we describe the Gatan PECS II and EBSD results challenge that we worked on with our sister company—EDAX. In all cases, Gatan’s broad argon beam tool successfully enabled EBSD results that were previously unconceivable with mechanical preparation.