GMS 3 Analysis Tools: Python Integration

DigitalMicrograph®, or Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS), has become an industry-standard software tool in electron microscopy due to its ability to perform advanced: hardware control, data visualization, and data processing, both on and off-line. Scripting capability has always been included in the software, giving a high degree of customizability for users wanting to perform novel acquisition or processing methods. Python integration has now been built into GMS 3, enabling Python code to be run directly from the existing scripting interface. All native Gatan data objects and existing hardware controls are now directly accessible in Python code. This completely new capability coupled with the analytical versatility and power provided by external Python libraries and packages unlocks endless possibilities for data capture, processing, analysis, and visualization.

Please view this webinar to learn how GMS-embedded Python scripting is uniquely advantageous for:

  • Live processing, and visualization
  • Analysis at the microscope
  • Taking advantage of large datasets/data-streams
  • Scripted data acquisition
  • Reduced data import/export and conversion