Shining Light on Nanomaterials with Optically Coupled Electron Microscopy Webinar

Light is a ubiquitous and critical resource in our daily lives. Light facilitates our ability to see, enables near-instantaneous global communications, and is the sole energy source for the photosynthetic organisms that comprise the base of the food chain on Earth. Around the world, scientists and engineers are pushing the limits of light to create the next generation of optical technologies that will enable ultrafast optical computers, self-driving cars, rapid medical diagnostics, and address the global climate crisis.

In this webinar, Dayne Swearer, from Stanford University introduced optically coupled electron microscopy, which introduces light into and collects light out of, a standard transmission electron microscope using the Vulcan Cathodoluminescence holder from Gatan. This technique allows us to image the structural dynamics of materials under illumination with the imaging and spectroscopic resolution afforded by an electron microscope.