Cooling Stages

Helium and liquid nitrogen stages to monitor cryogenic or temperature dependent studies to better understand your electrical and electronic materials. 

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  • Beam sensitive materials are stabilized under high beam currents
  • Low-temperature phases can be studied
  • Enhanced imaging and spectroscopy, especially for cathodoluminescence (CL)
Model # Base temp. Cool down time Max. operating temp. Tilt Rotate Additional electrical feedthrough option
C1001 -185 °C 10 min 50 °C 45° ±5°
C1002 -185 °C 10 min 200 °C 45° ±5°
C1003 -185 °C 10 min 400 °C 45° ±5°
CF302M 8 K 55 min 140 K   ±5°
Liquid nitrogen cooling stages C1001, C1002, C1003
  • Simple installation/removal allows use of standard SEM stage
  • Stages cooled to less than -185 °C by nitrogen gas
  • Efficient thermal design ensures rapid cool down and stable temperatures
  • Accurate control through integral heater and temperature sensor
  • External liquid nitrogen heat exchanger removes vibration due to boiling of LN2
  • Higher upper-temperature options for more flexibility in experiments
Liquid helium cooling stage CF302M
  • Specially designed low drift and vibration, while minimizing liquid helium consumption
  • CF302M is a helium-cooled stage module that attaches onto the existing stage
  • Complete system includes flexible transfer tube storage vessel, top fitting with bladder and valve, gas flow controller, gas flow pump, and digital temperature controller
Dual fuel option
  • Allows liquid helium cold stages to be operated with either helium or nitrogen
  • Functions by forcing cold nitrogen gas through the circuit similar to the successful C1002 product 


High Power Laser Science and Engineering

Bespaly, A.; Dey, I.; Papeer, J.; Shaham, A.; Komm, P.; Hadad, I.; Marcus, G.; Zigler, A.

Materials Characterization

Donius, A. E.; Obbard, R. W.; Burger, J. N.; Hunger, P. M.; Baker, I.; Doherty, R. D.; Wegst, U. G. K.



Models C1000, CF302M


Specimen Cooling Stage Modules

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