DigitalMontage Software

Stage and optics control so you can seamlessly stitch images together.

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By controlling the microscope stage or imaging optics, DigitalMontage® software enables an array of images to be acquired and stitched seamlessly together. The resulting montage shows specimen structure at a resolution that would be impossible to collect even with cameras possessing ten times more pixels.


To offset the field of view of the camera, DigitalMontage software can use either the microscope stage or the image-shift deflectors. At high magnifications it may be easier to stitch the images together if the image-shift deflectors are used to offset the field of view. At low magnifications the stage enables a larger area of the specimen to be covered and minimizes the effects of any optical distortion present in the system.


When stitching the images together DigitalMontage software automatically adjusts the intensities of the images so as to minimize or eliminate the presence of seams in the result. If you should encounter a case which is difficult to automatically stitch, you can choose to refine the positions of the images after the automatic determination, or to completely manually position them. The software will then stitch the images together and adjust the intensities as in the fully automatic case.

Building upon experience gained from the past, this version of DigitalMontage has been completely re-written and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Gatan Microscopy Suite® software.


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