K3 IS Camera

The world’s first counting, high-speed, large-format camera for in-situ microscopy.

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K3™ IS – The world’s only counting, high-speed, large-format camera for in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM). With an unprecedented temporal resolution, this true next-generation camera collects the ultimate in-situ data to extend the K3’s resolution revolution into material science.


  • See your sample, not beam-induced artifacts
  • Capture the highest-quality, low-dose, in-situ video with the industry-leading DQE and sensitivity


  • Count single electrons at unsurpassed speeds
    • 150 frames per second (fps) at full field of view
    • >3500 fps at 256 x 256 pixels
  • Shorten time to results with the market-leading Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) in-situ processing utilities and free offline tools


  • Expand the field of view to 14- or 24-megapixels – Up to 1.65 times the size of the K2® IS camera


Advanced Materials

Chao Zhang, C.; Firestein, K. L.; Fernando, J. F. S.; Siriwardena, D.; von Treifeldt, J. E.; Golberg, D.



Models 1026, 1027


K3 IS Camera


Virtual (BF/DF) imaging reveals the position and concentration of precipitates in a Ni-W alloy
Electric field-induced structural dynamics in MoS2 observed using in-situ transmission electron microscopy
K3 IS: Low dose EM meets catalysis


Continuing our prosperous collaborations that built the K2, the K3 is the successful result of Peter Denes' team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and David Agard.

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