Monarc Pro T System

Enabling optically-coupled transmission electron microscopy to reveal nanoscale structural, optical, and electronic properties

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Introducing Monarc® Pro T, the next-generation system for optically-coupled transmission electron microscopy (TEM) revealing structural, optical, and electronic properties of materials far below the optical diffraction limit.

  • Delivers the sharpest cathodoluminescence (CL) images and spectra: Uses proprietary mirrors (solid angle up to 7.3 Sr) for outstanding light collection producing spectra with sub-meV energy resolution with an aberration-corrected spectrograph
  • Turns any microscope into an optically-coupled microscope enabling in-situ discovery of photoactive catalyst reactions: Ensures consistent illumination over a 150 μm field of view with an optical system integrated into a TEM holder
  • Simplifies the workflow for multimodal analysis: Uses eaSI technology to deliver the most efficient and effective workflow for your advanced STEM experiments
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