STEMPack Spectrum Imaging

A powerful method of obtaining detailed analytic data from a sample on an electron microscope equipped with scanning mode.  

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The STEMPack™ system is the backbone of Gatan’s eaSI technology for scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) experiments, allowing for multimodal, multidimensional data collection in scanning mode (STEM spectrum imaging).

Spectrum imaging systematically probes a defined specimen area to gather the maximum possible information in a fully automated process. The STEMPack system supports the acquisition of data from a broad range of detectors, including: electron energy loss (EELS), characteristic x-ray emission (EDS), cathodoluminescence emission (CL), absorbed / induced current (EBAC/EBIC), and electron diffraction.  The resulting spectral data is then analyzed with powerful processing and visualization methods to reveal unique detail in the specimen. The combination of detailed spectral information with high spatial resolution is the most powerful aspect of electron microscopy and the STEMPack system can help you realize this power.

  • Maximize data flexibility and artifact rejection with feature rich acquisition options
  • Use a single application to analyze dense data sets as simply as a single spectrum; while directly cross reference data and results
  • Acquire the data size and region you choose with fully configurable acquisition
  • Jointly acquire virtually any signal produced in the electron microscope as part of a spectrum image
  • Obtain high speed and dose-efficient data acquisition for detail rich mapping using direct hardware communication
  • Both new users and seasoned practitioners can achieve outstanding results with simple, yet flexible user interface

For more information pertaining to EELS techniques, step-by-step instructions on analytical experiments, and access to downloadable spectra, please visit, an educational site that is dedicated to supporting the EELS community.



Model 777


STEMPack High-Speed EDS Acquisition, model 777.U3
STEMPack High-Speed Spectrum Imaging Upgrade, model 777.U2




STEMPack Spectrum Imaging Platform, model 777.U1 
STEMPack Spectrum Imaging Platform with Advanced BF/DF Detector, model 963.U5
STEMPack High-Speed Spectrum Imaging Upgrade, model 777.U2
STEMPack High-Speed EDS Acquisition Upgrade, model 777.U3
EDS Acquisition Suite, model 707.10
Diffraction Imaging Suite, model 703.50 
Spectrum Image Stage Mapping, model 703.70
Cathodoluminescence Spectrum Imaging Suite, model CLSI

System configuration, requirements, and limitations exist.  Please contact your Gatan representative for complete details.

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