Dimple Grinder II

Fast and reliable mechanical method of pre-thinning to near electron transparency to greatly reduce your ion milling times and uneven thinning.

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  • Large transparent areas: Utilizes both the large wheel and flat wheel to preserve a large transparent area after processing
  • Stronger specimens: Leaves a thick supporting rim to protect and strengthen the specimen after dimpling
  • Direct preparation of TEM specimens: Produces a final thickness of <3 μm in dimpled specimens
  • Accurate depth and thickness control: User-defined stop point and real-time display ensure you can produce the appropriate dimple depth and thickness
  • Micro-positioning: Provides both orthogonal and intersect axes for more accurate positioning


Nature Communications

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Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids

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Journal of Structural Biology

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Model 657


Dimple Grinder II


Dimpling ductile materials

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