OnPoint BSE Detector

A backscattered electron detector for high speed low kV imaging in the SEM.

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The OnPoint™ detector is the standard for backscattered electron (BSE) detection that delivers unprecedented sensitivity and speed to better understand lightweight metals, polymers, plastics, and biological materials. Using a detector optimized for low kV, this system expands your ability to study low atomic number (Z) elements, uncoated biological samples, and large 3D datasets.

  • Resolves features distorted by charging or beam damage: Attains images at low kV to reduce charge build-up and to prevent damage to delicate samples
  • Captures large, 3D datasets quickly: Acquires large field of view images or 3D datasets up to six times faster
  • Differentiates low-Z elements: Delivers the highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) available to help differentiate between elements with a similar atomic number
  • Provides highest BSE collection efficiency: Produces higher SNR images because it captures electrons other detectors miss as well as minimizes the noise in the detection system
  • Achieves most accurate quantification: Forms images with the widest dynamic range enabling the most accurate determination of elemental composition in alloys and compounds



NPJ Regenerative Medicine

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